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Leaf People
Desert Series
2019 -2020
Joshua Tree With Blue Blossoms
Desert Being with Green Pods
Desert Figure With Green Blossoms
Joshua Tree with Spikes & Blossom
Petals For Lunch
Shaggy Palm Tree Twin in Red
Yellow Leaf Lady
Red Spiked Creature
Palm Tree Twin
Desert Dagger in Red & Green
Desert Creature with Orangesicle Topping
Desert Creature with Orange Spine Necklace
Green Leaf Goddess
Cactus Queen
Out of the Woods Series
Spring 2020 
Botanical Series 2019
Earlier Work 
Purple Majesty
Calder Cakes
Flight Dreams in Pink
Ocean Lava - Side 1
Ocean Lava Totem - Side 2
Blue Queen & A Green Giant - Side 1
Blue Queen & A Green Giant - Side 2
Desert Being - Side 1
Desert Being - Side 2
Diamond Guy
Green Man
King of the World
Garden Totem: Bluebird - Side 1
Garden Totem: Bluebird - Side 2
Ocher Orge
GardenTotem: Featherhead - Side1
Garden Totem: Featherhead - Side 2
Polka-Dotted Optimist - Side 1
Polka-Dotted Optimist - Side 2
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes - Side 2
Yellow Gatekeeper
Check Mate

artist statement.

I am intrigued by the idea in science that forests are interconnected, that trees actually talk to each other, cooperating and protecting each other like a human community. I am also delighted by the fact that human’s share 25% of our DNA with trees. So my recent work blurs the line between what is human and what is nature. I imagine myself taking a walk in the woods or through a desert and emerging as a changed being. I am constantly amazed by the very human quality of what I see out there: Palm trees, for example, are like giant shaggy men dancing in the waterfalls. Oak trees have exuberant arms reaching to the sky. To me, this is the best kind of anthropomorphism, full of abundance and joy. 

I start with sketches: Petals and pods, berries and seeds. In my studio, I create parts and pieces using pretty much every available ceramic handbuilding technique: slabs, pinching, coils, molds. I try for ridiculous extravagance and excess, just like nature herself. When I finally stack all the pieces together into one whole, it is another delightful moment of invention. I am guided by the pleasure of the process, by the lushness of nature. I work to capture the restorative feeling I get from the woods. What does it take to designate something as human? A branch with a hand? A mouth full of petals? My hope is that by creating an entire world of Leaf Totems, I will start a conversation about how we humans relate to our natural world. I want people to see the joy of this natural community, to feel the abundance of our world, and to honor our place in it.



My artwork is available at the following galleries:

Ann Arbor Art Center

Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

Mackinac's Little Gallery, Mackinac Island 

POST Detroit

Sleeping Bear Gallery, Empire 

Twisted Fish Gallery, Elk Rapids 

Contact me to learn more. 

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