Leaf Totems
Desert Series
2019 -2020
Joshua Tree With Blue Blossoms
Desert Being with Green Pods
Desert Figure With Green Blossoms
Joshua Tree with Spikes & Blossom
Petals For Lunch
Shaggy Palm Tree Twin in Red
Yellow Leaf Lady
Red Spiked Creature
Palm Tree Twin
Desert Dagger in Red & Green
Desert Creature with Orangesicle Topping
Desert Creature with Orange Spine Necklace
Green Leaf Goddess
Cactus Queen
Out of the Woods Series
Spring 2020 
Botanical Series 2019
Earlier Work 
Purple Majesty
Calder Cakes
Flight Dreams in Pink
Ocean Lava - Side 1
Ocean Lava Totem - Side 2
Blue Queen & A Green Giant - Side 1
Blue Queen & A Green Giant - Side 2
Desert Being - Side 1
Desert Being - Side 2
Diamond Guy
Green Man
King of the World
Garden Totem: Bluebird - Side 1
Garden Totem: Bluebird - Side 2
Ocher Orge
GardenTotem: Featherhead - Side1
Garden Totem: Featherhead - Side 2
Polka-Dotted Optimist - Side 1
Polka-Dotted Optimist - Side 2
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes - Side 2
Yellow Gatekeeper
Check Mate
  Smaller Works

Below you'll find a collection of my smaller, more production-oriented work including garden art like Yardsticks & Monsters, as well as Pinch Pots, Ceramic Tiles and Devil Tea Lights. These pieces make great gifts. To find out what's new and currently available, send me an email. 

artist statement.

I am enchanted by the fact that throughout history, in every culture, in every era, we humans have had a strong need to render our own images and to make them fancy. I love this so much. I love that a thousand years ago someone felt the urge to scribble a picture of themselves on the wall of a cave or to carve their face on the handle of a spear. As if to say, Look at me. Here I am. I am alive in the world.


And so my work is mostly figurative, made from that most ancient of materials: clay. I find inspiration from all the old objects in museums -- African masks, Egyptian mummies with elaborate decorations, celebratory tribal costumes with crazy juxtapositions of shapes and scale. Studying these objects, I am also inspired by the endless connections we as a species have made between human forms and natural forms. Fish and birds show up on totems and drums. Flowers and vines appear on a crown or a gown or a face.


In my most recent series, I was inspired by a visit I made to Palm Desert and Joshua Tree National Park. I was amazed by the very human quality of what I saw on my hikes. Now when I look at palm trees in Indian Canyon, I see giant shaggy men dancing in the waterfalls. When I look at a Joshua Tree, I see exuberant arms reaching to the sky. It is the best kind of anthropomorphism, full of abundance and joy. This new work blurs the lines between man and nature. A tree becomes a person. A person becomes a plant: A mouth full of petals, a head studded with leaves. The more I worked on this series, the more lush and extravagant I tried to be, just like nature herself. I want people to see that being human is to be grounded in the natural world, just like all the people before us throughout the history of mankind. I want people to remember this connection, to feel the deep spiritually of this relationship and to bask in the joy of it.



My artwork is available at the following galleries:

Ann Arbor Art Center

Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

Mackinac's Little Gallery, Mackinac Island 

Michigan Artist's Gallery, Traverse City

POST Detroit 

Sleeping Bear Gallery, Empire

Twisted Fish Gallery, Elk Rapids

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